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Mar. 4th, 2020 12:34 pm
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I started this journal in college and continued it to med school. And then it fell by the wayside with studying and rotations and learning how to be a doctor. But now thats over so I thought I would use it for personal reasons and fannish ones too.

I haven't wrote fanfic since I was 15 and into Roswell and a moderator over at the Boardello of Fanfiction. But I read a good bit and I save my favorites at my delicious account. I'm mainly into Dean/Castiel (Supernatural), Arthur/Merlin (Merlin), and Kirk/McCoy (ST:reboot). I also watch HIMYM, Lost, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Bones, Psych, White Collar, and Burn Notice.

Feel free to say hello.
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So starting July I will begin my traditional rotating internship. I am pleased with this decision. I'm still not sure what I want to pursue. I think peds but do I really want to deal with parents? I like IM but I feel you have to follow that up with a fellowship and do I really want to do another 3 years after residency? I will be 33 by that point. Which isn't old but after 3 years of college, 4 of med school, 1 of internship, and 3 of residency I think I will have reached a point where I want to be done. At least with the rotating internship I have the option of staying on in FP as a PGY2. It's a pity there's no money in primary care, but with the health care reform that has a potential to change.
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I don't quite understand how one can be good at studying, but I swear I used to be good at it.

Now, not so much.

Stupid shelves. And figuring out fourth year rotations. No, I don't know what kind of doctor I want to be. Is that so wrong?
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It's getting cold out. And as much as I complain, I like the cold. It smells nice. And it means Thanksgiving and Christmas and snow and presents and hot cocoa and ice skating. It means the city is dressed up in lights and bows and you can't help but be outside even though your nose is cold and you can see your breath in the air.

So of course, today it wasn't so bad. Way to kill my winter glow global warming.


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