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Well I've been up in li for a few days now. It's a change from being home but things have been good so far. I love my place. It's so big and roomy and I have my own bathroom. And I like my roommates which is nice.

Hung out with the second years from np. I think they will forever been known as the second years even though they are clearly not. Hanging out with them made me feel like I did when I was a first year in np. I guess some things don't change.
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If i have to go to long island one more time I will cry. That trip takes it out of me. All the driving and traffic. And traffic. And traffic.

But on the bright side, I found a place already. And I have roomies which means I have friends and I won't be all alone. And theres a bar!

My dad kept telling me what the prices were for things when he was my age. "Tea was only ten cents but I didn't buy it. I went to my friends room where it was free." "The toll for the Lincoln tunnel was 50 cents back in 1972. Then it went up to 75 cents." "I remember when gas was 52 cents."

My dad can remember the how much the toll was for the tunnel in 1972, but he tends to forget how old I am. How special it is to be old.


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