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masterchef this is not by [personal profile] phantomjam (Arthur/Merlin, modern AU)
Arthur sighs. ‘Come here,’ he says, stepping over in front of Merlin, close, right into his space. He bats Merlin’s hands away and examines the knot. Arthur’s tie is lying somewhere out in the hallway, discarded the moment they were through the front door, and from where Arthur’s standing with his head bent over the knot, Merlin can’t help but follow the curve of his neck down past his open collar to the skin beneath, the dip where the smooth lines of Arthur’s collarbones meet, and think that he’d like to trace the path with his tongue, lick the salt from Arthur’s skin and feel his pulse jump in his throat. Merlin suppresses the impulse with a mental curse; the way Arthur looks in his crisp, clean clothes, his rolled-up shirtsleeves and unbuttoned collar, is just unfair on many levels. Merlin may hate the Sixth Form dress code, but damn does it look good on Arthur.

Always Crashing in the Same Car by [profile] glimmergirl(Arthur/Merlin, Life on Mars AU)
It was 1977.

By all calculations, Merlin ought to be two years old, living with his mum in their bedsit flat in Ealdor, wearing the blue footie pajamas and begging his mum or his uncle Gaius to read to him after tea.

By all normal calculations, anyway.

By some other indecipherable process of calculation, he was thirty-five, living on his own in a bedsit flat in Ealdor, wearing a retro-indie kid's wet dream of a wardrobe, and wondering what the fuck had happened to his life.

Certain Adjustments by [personal profile] srin (Arthur/Merlin)
It’s annoying. It’s annoying like everything about the idiot is annoying. He won’t shut up, and he won’t do as he’s told, and he won’t do anything correctly or in a reasonable amount of time, and he won’t stop fussing. Poking at Arthur’s hair and fixing the hang of his tunic and straightening his belt and shifting his collar, and yes, all right, it wouldn’t do for the crown prince to appear unkempt, and maybe Arthur told Merlin that it’s one of his duties to make sure Arthur looks immaculate at all times, but it’s not like he listened to any of the other things Arthur made up just to irritate him, well, except the one about mucking the stables, that’s not actually his job and maybe someday Arthur will admit that but the faces Merlin makes when –


The Wonderful Things About Arthurs by [personal profile] slightlytookish (Arthur/Merlin)
In the beginning he did it to irritate Merlin. Arthur would spy him trudging through the corridor, his arms weighed down with heavy armour, and he would jump out from an alcove with a shout. His arms would wrap around Merlin's waist and he'd tug him backwards so that Merlin would startle and stumble and the armour would clatter noisily to the ground.

Evermore, Still Never Enough by [profile] lillaw (Arthur/Merlin)
He’ll live countless lives and find Arthur in every one of them and lose him all over again. But this will always, always be what he lives for; Arthur rutting on top of him, helpless and frenzied and slow, breathing profanities and hunger and God, Merlin, Merlin and Need you, don’t make me wait, please, and Love you… I love you, let me in into his skin, into his mouth while he fucks Merlin any way he can, for as long as he can move.


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