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May. 14th, 2010 10:19 am
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What Comfort Was It Wisdom by [personal profile] kroki_refur (Gen, Dean)
Charlie says it’s normal. Then again, Charlie’s six, so what would she know, right? On the other hand, she’s the only one Dean really feels like he can talk to. She’s short and solemn and her nose is too big for her face and she looks just like Sam did at that age (except she’s a girl, and for just a second – just a second – Dean stores that in his use this against Sam at a later date file, and then he bites his cheek so hard he can feel the marks for three days) and she’s lost her dad and she’s just there one day, when Ben’s at school and Lisa’s at work and Dean’s lost in what he calls his life these days.

“Hey mister,” she says. “You’re sad.”

umiyama koete by [profile] poor_choices (Gen, Dean, Sam)
Sam doesn't really believe that Dean will be happier without him.

He just believes that Dean's life will be harder with him.

The Blood Of It All by [profile] big_scoop (Unrequited Dean/Castiel)
Castiel should have known, that in Dean's life, it is always about Sam - will always be about the blood - and there is no room for anything else.

Insider Trading by [profile] tripoli8 (Gen, Dean, Sam)
"Just listen," he said. "Different parts are different. And I think it's like Heaven, where everybody sees their own. It figures, right? That's probably where those angelic dickwads got the idea. So I don't know. And I don't know about being a vessel. I don't know if we have time to ask Cas to ask Jimmy, I didn't think about it."

if we never meet again by [profile] blaskjar (Gen, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Bobby)
After a long time, Dean says “Some happy ending this is.”

“There’s no such thing,” Castiel replies, and there is, perhaps, sympathy in it. “There are only endings, Dean, and they are exactly what you make of them.”

the road away from here by [personal profile] damalur (Dean/Castiel, Lisa, Ben)
"Out of what?"

"Everything," Dean says. "Hunting. This life. I want out, and you are...you're all I've got on the outside. Damn near all I've got period. Thought maybe you could help figure out how to go about the whole normal thing." His jaw nearly cracks, he shuts it so quickly. His word quota's used up for the day.

Long Black Cloud Coming Downby [personal profile] moodymuse (Dean/Castiel, Lisa, Ben, Sam)
Castiel, of all things, gets hooked to the episode, mostly because he can’t read anyone’s mind to find out what happens and has to wait like every other person. If this had happened months before, Dean would’ve laughed at him. But Castiel is silent and doesn’t speak a mile a minute – like Ben – and doesn’t feel the need to fill every silence with conversation, like Lisa. For once, Dean is grateful for Castiel’s unnervingly silent company.

After the Fall by [profile] the_ninth_bow (Dean/Lisa, Dean/Castiel, Sam, Bobby)
Dean doesn’t hunt. Day 256 finds him working the last finishing touches on a Mustang. Bobby is out, hunting a ghoul in Kentucky, and Dean takes calls and receives shipments when trucks pull up to the junkyard.

Our Lavish Post-Apocalyptic Lifestyles by [personal profile] exmanhater (Dean/Castiel, Sam)
The first time it happens, when Castiel appears out of nowhere (trench coat flapping and hair sticking up all over the place like the good old days, Dean pointedly does not think) and burns the demon currently choking Dean up against a wall back to hell and then disappears again almost instantly, Dean is understandably confused, with a side of grateful.

Negotiating with Terrorists (and Other Post-Apocalyptic Adventures) by [personal profile] pyrebi (Dean/Castiel)
Lisa leans against the counter, arms folded across her chest. “You’re depressing, Dean. The whole broken-tough-guy thing can be hot when you’re twenty and looking for an adventure, but I’m in my thirties now and I’ve got a kid to look after and frankly, you’re not as quiet when you cry as you think you are.”

Dean maybe chokes a bit on a piece of cereal.

“Also,” Lisa adds, “it’s insulting to my not-unimpressive skills in bed to hear you keep saying ‘Cas’ all the time.”

You Apple Pie Surburban Hell Happily Ever After by [profile] everysecondtues
(Dean/Castiel, Chuck/Becky, Sam, Bobby, Lucifer, Michael)
"Heaven," Castiel declared moodily, eyeing Dean's burger like he was about to break a commandment and commandeer it for himself, "is bullshit."
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