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Apr. 23rd, 2010 04:03 pm
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DVD extras by [personal profile] phate_phoenix
(pre-Sam/Gabriel, Dean)
Sam doesn’t know why he’s even doing this. It’s stupid. It’s beyond stupid. It might even be disrespectful. Or blasphemous.

Brother, My Cup is Empty by [personal profile] janie_tangerine (gen, Castiel, Gabriel)
“And those two don’t even know you’re here, do they?”

“No,” Castiel answers, surprised that Gabriel would ever ask. Why is he interested now? He didn’t care before, did he?

“Yeah, yeah, sounds just like you, not warning anyone. Self-sacrifice, stubbornness, blind faith, whatever, totally fitting the description. You know, I wish I could mock you for that.”

Mahakali by [personal profile] haruslex (Gabriel/Kali)
She had his blood and felt him die.

What is real, always was, and cannot be destroyed by [personal profile] littlehollyleaf (gen, Castiel, Kali)
"Have you no mother to give you guidance?" she asks. The words are too sharp for concern, but they aren't wholly detached either. Curious, perhaps.

"Our god is father and mother both," Castiel answers, fixing on Gabriel's face. The expression is peaceful and for a second Castiel envies his brother that. "We had no need," he finishes.


The Many Faces Of by [personal profile] shantirosa (gen, Gabriel/Kali)
The things called angels found her on the soil of their worshippers. She will find them here, in this land where the earth burns for the weight of her feet. This land that is hers.

No Hammer Without A Forge by [personal profile] moorishflower (gen, Gabriel)
Coyote makes some calls. Just because they are gods does not mean they have rejected the comforts of humans. Pan lives in a five-floor mansion in Athens, the lucky bastard. Fertility, in the twenty-first century, translates very well into high-class pornography. Not all of them have been so lucky - he has heard that Rabbit is living in a trailer somewhere in Cancun, perpetually drunk on Coors Light. The term ‘alcoholic’ cannot apply to a god of drunkenness and excess, but it should. It should.

Bing Crosby's Pennies from Heaven by [personal profile] twentysomething (Dean/Castiel, pre-Sam/Gabriel)
"But, you're alright?" Dean pushes. There's something in Dean's expression that looks so brittle that Sam's heart aches, because Dean doesn't ask for a lot, but he doesn't usually even get those few things that he does ask for. Sam sometimes thinks that Cas's faith isn't something Dean expected or asked for, but it's something he's had, for so long now that he doesn't know how to work without it.

Wings (What are they good for) by [personal profile] slippery_fish (Sam/Gabriel, Lucifer, Castiel)
After the first dream, Gabriel is still dead. Forever dead now, and Sam can't wrap his mind around it. An archangel, gone. Gone because of them and he's not sure if they can be forgiven for that.

God is a father, after all.
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