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Apr. 22nd, 2010 04:02 pm
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Sabbatical by [personal profile] haruslex (gen, Castiel)
Most are from Sam, succinct and careful. Call us, he says, but that could mean anything. Castiel has learned not to obey without good reason, and he presses the ‘delete’ button without hesitation.

His Garden by [personal profile] tiptoe39 (gen, Castiel, Joshua)
The scowl faded as soon as it had come. "Oh, now that was interesting," Joshua said lightly. "You resist persuasion, but it's easy for you to comply with an order. I suppose that's how they raised you. Conditioned to obey."

For years and years I have roamed by [personal profile] dotfic (Dean/Castiel)
Dean was done from the moment Castiel yanked him back there, from the first blow. There was no point in struggling -- he'd punched Castiel once, and nearly broke the bones of his hand for his trouble.

He only wanted the slam of bone and muscle to stop.

He only wanted it to stop.

Anger Management for Angels by [personal profile] sparky77 (Gabriel, Dean/Castiel)
Angels don’t get angry. They are filled with righteous fury. This is a fact that brings great comfort to Castiel. Dean made him watch Star Wars. He knows what happens to those who give into their anger. Castiel’s not angry. He’s just disappointed.

Icarus Abides by [profile] neaf (Dean/Castiel, Gabriel, Sam)
“I gave everything,” Castiel began, “for you. And you? You break, and you give in, and you falter. And then you change your mind. You rise, again, and you act like the man I always thought you could be, and you make me believe, when there is nothing left to believe in,” he broke off, his frustration showing through. “You make me believe.”

Maybe More Than Enough by [personal profile] wandersfound (Dean/Castiel, Sam)
“Didn’t wanna let my brother down,” Dean admits. He shrugs. “That’s--” he shrugs again, “I just didn’t wanna let down Sam.” Then something clicks inside him, a final gear slotting into place so that the wheels can turn, and maybe it’s far too late already but somehow Dean doesn’t think it is. “Those angels, the ones you destroyed with the sigil,” he starts, and Castiel just looks at him. “They were your brothers.”

“Yes,” Castiel says quietly.

Life (With the dull bits cut out) by [personal profile] haruslex (Dean, Castiel, Sam)
He clears his throat and asks, “So where were you, anyway?”

“Somewhere beyond your comprehension,” Cas answers, and thankfully drags his gaze away into the middle distance.

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away?”

“Yes, actually.” He looks instantly back at Dean, frowns in bemusement. “How did you know?”

Who would believe them winged by [personal profile] maboheme (Dean/Castiel)
Dean wants to say, Sorry Cas. I'm sorry you put your faith in me, but his throat is closed up, his lips sore and cracking and bleeding, and all he can do is whimper and shudder when a cool hand runs across his forehead, over his bruised cheek. When Dean opens his eyes, Cas pulls his hand away. Dean regards Cas, and the angel continues to watch him, silent and intense, expression unreadable. Seems they're at an impasse.

So sleep in the fallout tonight by [profile] thevingerworks (Dean/Castiel)
Dean thinks it's a fundamental flaw, that Castiel can break him so much easier with this, with a kiss, than by beating him until he is boneless and quivering. And a testament, too, empirical evidence of the depths Castiel has found beneath Dean's skin, the constant spin of him inside Dean's skull since day one. He knows him, knows just how to push and dig and own.

Are You Somewhere by [profile] oceansex (pre-Dean/Castiel, Sam)
If Cas can't come back because he's trapped or dead or whatever, Dean will personally march right back into heaven if he has to and kill everything he sees until someone agrees to give him back.

If Cas doesn't come back, because he has nothing to come back for, Dean has no one to blame but himself.


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