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Apr. 22nd, 2010 04:01 pm
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Some Whispers Around the Trees by [profile] everysecondtues (Dean/Castiel, Sam)
"Cas—" Dean's voice was tight with undefined emotion. There was the almost inaudible sound of him swallowing, steeling himself for words he would not, under lighter circumstances, have spoken. "Cas, you're worth so much more than this. You deserve better. You hear me? It doesn't matter that—fuck them, okay? Fuck everyone else, all our absent fucking father figures. You and me and Sam, we—" There was a small clicking sound produced by Dean working his throat as if swallowing down the words. After a long pause, voice hushed and broken, Dean repeated, "You deserve better."

five hundred things he never said by [profile] 22by7 (gen or pre-Dean/Castiel)
i get so lonely, Cas. it makes me selfish. and other times i think of you wandering round fuck knows where, looking and looking like you're a shadow that wants to be eaten up by the sun. i don't even know what i'm talking about anymore. i dream of you. i'm scared that you know. i'm scared that it doesn't mean anything, what with the world about to end. Famine was wrong about me, i know that now. every time i think i've hit rock bottom something comes and flays me like i don't even.

Show Me What I'm Looking For by [personal profile] phate_phoenix (pre-Dean/Castiel)
The typo catches Castiel’s eye, and a sudden flare of warmth rolls through his bones. He feels silly long afterwards, staring at the message as he sits at the base of a tree in the state of Washington. His emotions are confusing and turbulent, and Castiel still doesn’t know how to process them all, or understand, exactly, what each means. He likes this one, though. Likes the way it makes his chest tight and stomach tickle.

It frightens him.

Bury My Despair by [personal profile] entangled_now (Dean/Castiel)
There's a barely contained desperation in Castiel that Dean's never seen before. Like maybe the angel thinks he can burn this away, burn this all away. Dean's fairly sure that Castiel wants it to hurt, and there's a sick, dead feeling in his gut that feels horribly familiar.

Not like this.

Castiel wasn't supposed to end up like this.

In the Kingdom of the Sons by [personal profile] maboheme (Dean/Castiel)
Dean looks up when Castiel touches his cheek, turns his head until they regard each other once again. "You are not responsible for the decisions of my father," Cas tells him, but that something in his voice resounds, thickens. Defeat. Acceptance. Anger. Betrayal. The combination of everything Dean's been feeling for so long it's like hearing his own heart break.

I think everyone needed this tonight by [profile] maskedfangirl (gen or Dean/Castiel)
Lovely art showing a much needed hug.


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